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Question by ѱ⑥⑥⑥ѱ: What is the coolest place to visit in Florida (besides theme parks)?
My wife and I are wanting to vacate to Florida for our 3rd Anniversary and I want to know what is down there that we can see? What is worth seeing in Florida? What are the best beaches to visit or look at? What landscapes are worth going down to see? I am already familiar with the theme parks located in Florida so need to explain that.

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Answer by Lauren
Key West is a great place to go. It’s beautiful and entertaining, check it out.

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3 Responses to What is the coolest place to visit in Florida (besides theme parks)?

  • the swamps

  • Hi and I live in Florida but prior to moving here I toured the state. St. Augustine is one great place with lots of history. It is where Ponce de Leon thought the eternal springs were located and a battlefront from the Spanish. This would be on your way to all of the Keys. They are all very interesting. Key West is great as , besides its historical value, it has many things to do. If you get on the top of the tallest building you can see the Dry Tortuga’s. They are amazing. Also, Mallory Square is really fun. And, if you come to Florida , you must drive Alligator Alley. From the east coast, you can first see the Hard Rock Cafe and do whatever there. Then it is a beautiful ride through some really strange and beautiful land. I must warn you to get gas prior to driving through it and DO NOT get out of your vehicle once you start the drive. Oh geez, I just realized that you may not be driving so I guess that Key West and Miami are the best. On the gulf coast which has better water you can drive up the coast from the keys and the sights are out of this world. Sorry to go on so long and assume that you will be driving but I really love the state. Best of luck with your vacation. Lots of history here!

  • South Beach Miami is awesome, I used to live there.